Profiles In 2-Oh Sickness: The Seattle Pride Parade

The rousing denouement to another successful Seattle Pride Weekend took place on 4th Avenue today with the annual Pride Parade. And today's event certainly did not disappoint. Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn tweeted the consensus of many in the city today "A beautiful day to march ... we are united for equality."Uptown... [Read Full Post]

Profiles In 2-Oh Sickness: The Magnolia Farmers Market

Uptown Espresso places a great amount of importance on being a part of the community in all eight of our locations and one of our primary of expressing this is through this blog. 'Profiles in 2-Oh-Sickness' (a bit of wordplay on the Seattle area code 206) will be a recurring feature documenting the great local... [Read Full Post]

My Coffee Experience From The Ground(s) Up

Jennifer Aniston once said "You're not taking away my coffee … because I'd be devastated." Jennifer, I would never take away your coffee because unlike Brad Pitt, I do not want to be in the business of disappointing you. Welcome to the Uptown Espresso blog. My name is Charles and I will now be curating this area of the website. I suppose in order for the reader to gain greater insight into who... [Read Full Post]

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